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I forgot to write about the play and since one of the songs have been stuck in my head since Friday, I thought I would write a little bit. Forst off, the dancing and costumes were awesome. Dorky awesome, but still awesome. And the songs were good too, though someitmes I had no idea what was going on. Going into the play, people who had seen it before warned us that it sometimes didn't make much sense. So we knew it would be trippy now and again. And it was seriously trippy. Mike and I decided that Andew Lloyd Weber was having a bad trip when he came up with Cats, until we found out most of the content was taken from a book by T. S. Eliot, so then we decided he was the one with the trip but Weber wasn't completely untripped. Especially the floating UFO thing at the beginning. And the flashy lights.

It was a clever story idea though I wish more was in the story and less in the character introductions--that was the main part of the play. But I loved how the actors during intermission went out and interacted with people, welcoming strokes and hissed at people. I thought that was super cute.

It did get annoying when the people in front of us wouldn't sit down after intermission and were still standing when the play started up again. But that isn't all there fault. Someone else stole their seats and they were stuck with their seats since they weren't getting up. But still, it was uber annoying.

Overall, I thought it was fun and clever as long as you didn't disect it and think hard.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cats_%28musical%29 <--the "story"

I loved Rum Tum Tugger though Mr Mistoffelees has the catchiest song.

www.youtube.com/watch <--Song sung by Rum Tum Tugger about Mr Mistoffelees. It is awesome but also totally shows the trippiness of the play. It is from the 80s recording of the play. Song is still awesome. :D

I give it 8.5/10