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Cell phones

Well, my US number, that I have had for over 5 years is gone. It is really annoying though. I tried cancelling it before coming here and they suggested I go on a 'sleeping' plan where I keep it active but not use it for $10 a month. I took it because I love my cell number and didn't want to lose it. However, there is a 6 month limit on it that they didn't tell me about. I found out checking my bills yesterday. I love the number but it isn't worth $59 a month to not use. I just wish I was told there was a limit on the time at the very beginning because then I wouldn't have even signed up. And when I cancelled it today they tried to put me back on! But then couldn't because I was already on it. Grrrr I am annoyed. At least my contract was up so I don't have a $200 fee. Just another $59 bill I have to deal with.

I'll just get a pay as you go phone when I go back to the US this christmas then figure things out after I am done with school.