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I am blaming Dani because everything I know about them I learned from her LJ posts. I don't know names, who dated whom, what they sing or anything. I did know they were younger than me because I said I was too old for the oldest (please be legal) one.

*dream sequence*
I am in the part by my house when these scary dogs start chasing me. At that moment a tour bus drives by and the driver tells me to get on to avoid the dogs. On the bus there is only a group of 3 boys and they introduce themselves as The Jonas Brothers. I thank them for saving me from the dogs that would HAVE KILLED ME HAD THEY NOT ARRIVED. They said they were lost and needed directions to the Seattle Center. Since they saved me FROM PAINFUL DEATH I offered to show them how to get there. The oldest is driving the bus. When we get to our destination there are so many fans we can't get threw, so I say I know a back way in and suddenly I have all this inside knowledge of the area. It isn't the real Seattle center anymore and I am showing them where to go in this fictitious place my mind created. Fans are swarming everywhere and I offer to hide the Jonas Brothers while the mod passes by. Once the crowds move on I go to get them but they left already. I can't find them and hunt all over the theatre looking for them. Eventually someone eho said they were their press agent finds me and tells me they are already performing but that for SAVING THEIR LIVES FROM THE FANS I have been given a front row seat. I find my seat and I end up sitting between Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The oldest one tosses a flower at me and I yell back "I am too old for you."
*/dream sequence*

I feel kinda icky and weird. But also mildly amused.

Anyone want to analyse that? :P

Scary Post

Things I found today:


dead larakeet
dead duck
tons of shed snake skin.
(think there is connection?)

Things I need to do today:

I have like 2 hours to do it. Wish me luck?


Happy Belated Birthday to Star Wars

Mike and I sang happy birthday to Star Wars and ate cupcakes. :D


Star Trek

Now keep in mind I have spent the past 12 years being the farthest I could get from being a Star Trek fan and my only real experiences with it are parts of the whale movie, the tribbles episode and the end of one movie where I almost cry because Data is so happy to find his cat. I am almost at 0 on the fan scale. Things I knew going into this movie: Kirk is a ladies man, Spock is awesome, live long and prosper and the vulcan deathy grippy thing. I knew a couple characters' names and that the ship is called the Enterprise. I pretty much know nothing.

And hiding the rest to hide potential spoilers.
I was devasted with the beginning but the alternative reality thing made me feel a little better since I knew there was anpother universe where Kirk's dad survives, Vulcan is okay and everything. I had no idea the backstory of any of the characters so intially I assumed this was just a prequel. It wasn't until Old Spock talked about time travel that it really dawned on me. I talked with Mike after the movie and he mentioned that it was all new, weird stuff in the movie. I did think it was odd Spock was the captain. I kinda figured that was weird and that something would happen that would replace him with Kirk. It all worked out--even old spock was surprised young spock was in charge. It was nice to see Spock's vulnerable side too. And I know Kirk was good looking--HE knew it and I found him arrogant at times. But I think that is pretty in character. I loved Spock and McCoy. Whoever they found to play them were geniuses. They were brilliant. And I wanted Spock to go back in the future and fix everything until it dawned on me. I wanted Spock to be with the girl (can't remember her name). I was so happy he was the one that got the girl in the end. I did a little mental happy dance. :)

Overall, I am still a Star Wars fan. But maybe I can watch a Star Trek movie now and again. Not sure about the series, but we'll see. I give the movie 4/5 stars. It was a good movie and I appreciated it as a sci-fi film, even if I have this 'thing' against Star Trek. It was a good film and I enjoyed it. YAY! :D


PS. I am not able to cut screen it. I is hazing speshulz. So, I covered it up best I could. Please don't hate me!

May the Fourth be With You!

I watched Stargate instead of Star Wars though. :O

I think I will delay my plan...

A long time ago my doctor told me that stress+refined carbohydrates were making me feel sick. Well I have been stressed lately and not feeling hot so I thought I would actually experiment and take her advice and see if taking out sugars and other processed carbs would make me feel better. Easter is a bad time for this. I'll try again in a few weeks. Right now, there is a giant chocolate egg calling my name. :D



I will be excited tomorrow. Right now, crazy nervous.

School Update

[]Apply for loan
[]Get accepted for loan
[X]Borrow insane ammount of money from dad
[X] Accept my acceptance (heh... am I the only one finding humour in that? :P)
[X]Pay for semester
[X] Apply for Visa
[X]Buy plane ticket
[X]Start mailing stuff to Mike's House
[]Resign RSA spot--I have to, right? :(
[]Leave. :(

OMP. Now that the hard stuff is done I can start to get all paranoid and anxious.

And, believe it or not, I kinda don't want to resign as RSA. :(

PS. Sallie Mae sucks. SUCKS.


Merry Christmas everyone! :D



I spent all of today watching Star Gate. My internet has been sporadic at best today so instead of internetting all day I caught up on my stargates. I feel mildly guilty--I didn't do a heck of much else--but it was nice to catch up with my stargate friends. And the Jack/Sam pairing is kinda cute. There is a lot of sexual tension. I still wish she and Martouf worked out but being as he is DEAD that won't be happening soon. :P i don't like the girl Jonas Quinn ended up with and that was BEFORE we found out she was a g'ould.  He made a guest appearance in the last episode I watched. I don't like this new hair style. But at least g'ould girlfriend had striped orange and red pants. But things work out so the two of them can walk off into the sunset. I kinda wish she died. Why does JONAS get a love interest but they keep killing off Sam's?

I want to watch more but tomorrow is an early day that does long. So I am sleeping soon. *sigh*