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Sunday went to the botanical gardens. Yesterday was the start of the week break! Yay! I didn't have week breaks in the US. Not during the middle of school term anyways. It is kinda weird. Not bad weird. I can totally get used to it. It is kind of like when teachers give us 'work days' for assignments in lieu of lectures. I sometimes make my own but we do get free days too. It is kind of lax considering it is graduate level!

But anyways, break! Yesterday I did house-work. Cleaning, changing sheets, dusting (wow it is bad! dust-storms+dry weather+heat), dishes, laundry. That reminds me, clothes are on the line! Today is hopefully shopping day, though I am not 100% sure what I want to buy. I need another pair of shorts. I am also thinking about getting the Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters book. Though it is hard to justify it since books are so expensive here. Tomorrow I am back into the city for the markets and touristy stuff. Going to Brisbane museum! The rest of the week is up in the air.

Friday I leave for the gold coast where I am going to ride a horse on Saturday! I am excited. I had a bad experience before but it will be awesome this time. Yay! :D