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Horse Riding

I was really excited about it the weeks before. But SOOOO nervous the day we were going. I was signing the waver saying the horse place wasn't at fault if I die and suddenly I am thinking AHHH!!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO!!! But Mike already paid for our trip and I don't think they would give a refund for a breakdown. So they started matching us to horses. I completely shamelessly admitted I was nervous and freaking out so they gave me a gentle horse with auto-pilot. It didn't always work though. Mike's horse didn't like my horse (Fred!) so when we lines up mine didn't want to stand next to his and Fred wandered to the side a bit eating grass. I was worried BECAUSE I NEVER DROVE A HORSE BEFORE and since he is auto-pilot horse, didn't respond what I was trained to do. But once we started our walk, Fred got into line line a good horsey and we were off. I was a little annoyed I didn't bring my camera since there were awesome scenes and baby cows! But then our guide wanted us to learn to trot and trotting would have killed my camera. I have no idea how the people who brought cameras managed! I did NOT like trotting. But since I had an auto-pilot horse, if the guide trotted, I trotted. It helped that Mike's horse did NOT want to trot and he was ahead of me so if he slowed down, my horse slowed down.

There was a part of the trail where the guide veered from the course and Fred did not like it. Since he was an auto-pilot horse, he stuck to the path and did what he was trained to do, but didn't respond to my stopping him and turning. The guide had to come help me get Fred back in line. At least Fred was moving slow. I think he wanted grass to eat. He was so cute drinking from the creek, even though it did cause some horsey traffic jams.

The guide was a girl about 20 and spent the whole ride hitting on Mike. It was really cute. Especially since Mike was completely oblivious to it!

By the end I was so ready to stop. Of course we ended up trotting again! My back was so sore from it! And my legs are still sore, 4 days later! I still wasn't completely non-nervous in the end. If/when I go again, totally saying I am a pansy again! Oh and I refused to get off my horse before Mike could get his camera and take a picture of me on my horse. I didn't go through all that to have no photographic evidence! :P

But overall it was fun! When we finished they gave us tea and bread (they called it damper. wth?). I smothered it in jam and had way too much. I love bread. But I totally earned it. And horseys are so fuzzy. :)

Oh and I sang the My Little Pony theme song to my horsey. And the Kookaburra song. I thought he could use some music while he worked. :)