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Halloween Stories w/pics. :)

I hope I made them small enough it doesn't slow computers down. I couldn't get the LJ-Cut thing to work!

-Mike was a devil and I was a school girl. We made costumes out of things we already had so we didn't have to buy anything. :P it was fun though, looking in closets and assembling costumes from things we already had. Plaid skirt=WIN!

-Halloween pumpkins were really expensive here. The asking price for a small sugar pumpkins (the ones that are $1-$2 in the US) was $25! I wanted to see if other places had them cheaper but they didn't have pumpkins at all! So I went to look at the expensive pumpkin later in the week and found out they were all sold out! So instead I got a honey-dew melon and made that into a jack-o-lantern. He turned out pretty awesome. :D

-Mike and I made crepe paper ghosts and decorated his mail box with them! And around midnight, just after cleaning things up and settling in, it started to pour! When we went out the next day to clean up crepe paper, all the orange paper washed out and was white! And the yard was littered in ghosts that blew away.

-The ducks enjoyed eating the melon seeds. :D

-We made a very UNHalloween dinner of corned-beef and cabbage. Festive, but wrong kind of festive. :P

-When making caramel apples I forgot to get skewers. I wanted to do it authentically because Mike has never made them. So instead of just dipping apples in caramel, I used double pointed knitting needles. They worked perfectly. :D

-And we got a trick or treater!! Mike didn't think anyone would come since we are in a sort of rural area that isn't easy to walk along looking for places giving out candy--if the house isn't decorated people don't go knocking since Halloween isn't really celebrated here. But I insisted so we set up a table beside the rode (couldn't let people in past the gates, dogs would eat them!) and left a note saying Happy Halloween and to just take 1 candy (we didn't get a lot, they don't sell bags of candy! :( ), and decorated it with the jack-o-lantern and crepe paper. And someone came!! I was so excited! :D But I feel bad. I should have said they could have 2 or 3. Now I have extra. Dang! :P

-We watched Shaun of the Dead. Wow that movie is crazy-whacked. :O :P



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Nov. 3rd, 2009 03:58 am (UTC)
Yay Jack o lantern!
Originally they were turnips, so you're right on.
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